Police guide on ‘right conduct’

A new police handbook for officers who will be on duty during the Olympics advises them on how to behave in a range of situations, from dealing with disoriented pedestrians to using violence in hostage situations. The booklet, prepared by the Citizen’s Advocate following a seminar on police conduct and etiquette organized by the Public Order Ministry and the Greek Police, aims to instruct officers on how to be «a good policeman.» In an attempt to make officers more approachable and helpful, the guide suggests that they «respond positively to citizens’ requests for information» and «remain calm and professional» if faced with rude behavior. Officers are also told that they should «make every possible effort to communicate (with an individual they have stopped) in a language they understand» and to justify any arrests they make. Violence may only be used in self-defense, the booklet emphasizes, and shooting to kill is only justifiable in extreme situations such as hostage-taking.