50 Years Ago Today

HISTORIC AND NECESSARY: Paris, 22 – In statements yesterday to the press, General Charles De Gaulle emphasized that he is in favor of full membership in NATO for Greece and Turkey. Greece’s position, said the general in the defense of the Mediterranean, has been determined by history itself. As for Turkey, its participation is also necessary, he said, expressing the hope that Turkey’s role in the defense of the Mediterranean will be more clearly defined than in the past. RELEASE OF GERMAN: An order has been signed and issued reducing to four years the life sentence imposed by a military court on the German General Andre for crimes and executions committed in Crete and elsewhere during the occupation. LEDA KRONTIRA: This evening at 8.30. Leda Krontira’s adaptation of a Charles Dickens Christmas story will be broadcast on Athens radio. The main roles will be spoken by Christoforos Nezer, Stelios Vokovic and Titos Vandis. CHILDREN’S CINEMA: The Greek Women’s Lyceum is holding screenings of films for children at the Maxim Theater (Ed. note: This is now the Aliki Theater.) and has been fortunate in gaining the support of all the city’s cinemas. All of a sudden, an employee on a low wage and just six years of service appears to have saved 150 million drachmas, a miracle worthy of Argentina’s Finance Ministry. And strangely enough, most of these miracles took place in offices connected with public works, town planning permits and driving licenses, in other words, where Lucifer usually spreads his tentacles.