Attica police probe two more ram raids


Police in Attica are seeking the perpetrators behind two robberies in which cars were used to smash through the front windows of shops before the premises were looted.

In the first incident, unidentified robbers drove a car through a store selling spare parts for vehicles in Rendi, south of central Athens, at around 2 a.m. on Saturday morning, before grabbing valuable items and fleeing.

The second robbery took place about two hours later in Metamorfosi and again involved the perpetrators driving a car through the front window of a business selling aluminum door frames.

They fled with what cash they could find.

The incidents came a few days after unknown individuals robbed an electronics retailer in Rendi by driving a stolen Ford Mustang through the front window.

In Saturday’s first robbery, police determined that the perpetrators used a different car that had been stolen from Kolonos on September 18.