Attica governor calls on SYRIZA to take down festival posters


Newly elected Attica Regional Governor Giorgos Patoulis on Monday sent a letter to the president of opposition SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, demanding that the leftist party remove hundreds of posters advertising a music festival organized by its youth wing in Athens last weekend.

Patoulis called on the former leftist prime minister to order the removal of the posters, so that the task does not burden municipal and regional authorities, and as a “show of minimum respect for the environment and citizens.”

The conservative governor also announced plans to tackle an overabundance of advertising posters pasted onto walls and stapled onto electricity and telephone poles all over the Greek capital, saying they are a scourge on the environment, a danger for motorists and an eyesore.

He added that he has sent letters to the chiefs of the country’s political parties demanding that all advertising campaigns abide by laws on littering and driver safety.