Washing wardens’ war on underwear

NICOSIA (Reuters) – Drying wet laundry in public will earn residents of Cyprus’ capital Nicosia a fine later this year as authorities launch a drive to clean up the city’s image, its mayor said yesterday. The unseemly sight of underwear flapping in the breeze along the narrow streets of the medieval city will be punishable with a 50-Cyprus-pound ($96) fine as of October 1. «Imagine walking along a road and having wet washing drip all over you… from someone else’s underwear,» Nicosia Mayor Michalakis Zampelas told Cyprus radio. In a country which has almost uninterrupted sunshine all year round, most Cypriots hang their washing outside to dry. Washing wardens will also be responsible for ensuring householders don’t beat their carpets or rugs over balconies or throw laundry water into the streets, Zampelas said.