Designated taxis only for Games venues

Only taxicabs bearing the sign «Olympic Taxi» will be allowed to approach Olympic venues during the Games to pick up or drop off passengers, according to a decision signed yesterday by Economy and Finance Minster Giorgos Alogoskoufis and Deputy Transport Minister Anastassios Nerantzis. All of the 8,500 taxis, made available by the Attica Taxi Owners’ Association (SATA), will have to meet strict specifications such as air conditioning at all times and cleanliness inside and out. These conditions will come at a price; an extra 3 euros in addition to the regular fare and any surcharges such as airport or baggage fees. The surcharge applies between August 13 and 29 and again during the Paralympic Games from September 19 to 29. Another 1,500 taxis have been made available in the other Olympic cities around Greece.