Phone line to monitor price levels

Restaurants and cafes are trying to keep prices down but there are still instances of profiteering, the national umbrella union representing owners of restaurants and other catering establishments said yesterday after launching a complaints hot line for consumers. Consumers can now telephone 801.116.2222 to lodge a complaint if they feel they have been charged excessively. The line has a Greek and English service and operates 24 hours a day. Prices are relatively stable compared to last year, according to the union’s president, Costas Zinelis, who nevertheless urged consumers to be particularly wary in the more tourist-oriented districts of Athens such as Plaka. Leaflets containing a list of recommended prices for commonly purchased goods and services are to be distributed at airports and other entry points next week. They have been prepared by the Development Ministry in cooperation with consumer groups to help tourists familiarize themselves with prices before possible distortions during the Olympics.