Trajkovski favors ‘Republika Makedonija’

The president of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Boris Trajkovski, has reportedly said that a proposal by an international think tank that his country be recognized as Republika Makedonija contains a good basis for solving the absurd dispute between Athens and Skopje. If this proposal is accepted it will solve the last problem between the two countries, Skopje’s state radio quoted Trajkovski as telling the Slav-Macedonian service of the Deutsche Welle radio station, the Athens News Agency reported yesterday. The International Crisis Group has proposed that Skopje and Athens sign a bilateral treaty by which FYROM will be recognized by its own-language constitutional name of the Republika Makedonija, while allowing Greece to call its neighbor by another name (possibly Upper Macedonia), and strict protection against Skopje’s exploitation of the name to Greece’s commercial or legal disadvantage. The government sources stressed that the judicial system in Greece was different to those of Britain and the United States and that it would be respected under all circumstances.