Man to be questioned over four vicious racist attacks


A 20-year-old martial arts expert accused of a slew of vicious racially motivated attacks in his hometown of Aspropyrgos in western Attica is due to testify before a prosecutor on Tuesday.

Yiannis M. was arrested last week in connection with an attack on two Albanian men in November that left one in a coma. He allegedly used brass knuckles to beat the men, similarly to another attack on a group of six Albanian men in October by a mob of around 40 people he is thought to have been the leader of.

The suspect is also the subject of a case at the Supreme Court following a complaint by a migrant rights group over two violent assaults in 2017 against Pakistani laborers in Aspropyrgos. In those cases too, Yiannis M. reportedly led a mob of young men who are thought to have been members of the local chapter of neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn.

“If you don’t leave the country, we’ll burn you alive,” he allegedly told one of his Pakistani victims.