Israeli foreign minister thanks countries including Greece that voted against UN resolution


Minister of Foreign Affairs Israel Katz has extended his thanks to a group of countries including Greece that voted against the anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations.

“I thank Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania, Sovakia, Brazil and Colombia, who have decided to change their voting pattern at the United Nations General Assembly and for the first time voted today against the resolution regarding the ‘Division for Palestinian Rights’ at the UN Secretariat," Katz said in a statement on Tuesday.

"This body represents the structural discrimination against Israel in the UN arena and uses UN manpower and budgetary resources to promote a Palestinian narrative while simultaneously encouraging a distinctly anti-Israel agenda," he said. 

“I am pleased that this significant group of countries has decided today to voice a clear moral stance against discrimination towards Israel at the UN," Katz said, noting that the move represents "an important step in the long struggle against the prejudiced bias towards Israel at the United Nations."

He noted a shift in the stance of several European Union member states and expressed the hope that "remaining EU members will adopt this position soon."