PM urges US businesspeople to invest in Greece


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Monday called on American investors to look at the opportunities presented in Greece “in the light of the multitude of reforms taking place,” during the 21st Annual Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum, held in New York.

Speaking through a recorded video message, said “a new era of economic opportunities is dawning” in the country.

“The current business climate in Greece is characterized by an overwhelming support for foreign investment. This development is reflected in numerous surveys, which identify high approval rates for government initiatives related to creating a friendlier business environment,” he said and refered to government's implementation ofwhat he described as a fast-track program of structural changes aimed at facilitating doing business in the country.

"During the financial crisis, Greeks realized that policies which undermine investments and reforms can only lead to a deadlock," he said, noting that market optimism has returned in Greece despite the turbulent global economy.