Migrants moved from Moria to Attica


As part of an ongoing effort to relieve some of the pressure on the islands of the eastern Aegean, 668 asylum seekers deemed vulnerable were transferred from the overcrowded Moria reception center on Lesvos to the Ritsona camp in Attica on the Greek mainland over the last few days, according to authorities.

More specifically, 456 people were ferried to the port of Piraeus on Friday followed by another 212 on Saturday. The move reduced the population of the Moria camp to 18,640. Around 6,000 asylum seekers live in containers at the camp while some 13,000 live outside in tents on privately owned plots of land.

The Movement on the Ground organization has rented four of these plots and the Refugees 4 Refugees organization has rented one, while another seven private plots of land have been encroached upon.

On Saturday, the camp’s power supply was boosted to provide electricity to the containers. Still, according to the deputy director of the Moria center, Dimitris Vafeas, this won’t be enough to provide power for people camped out on the private plots.

As a result, thousands are being deprived of electricity, while scores do not have tents.