Greece can fend off challenges to sovereignty, PM says in New Year’s message


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has expressed his confidence that Greeks will be able to overcome any obstacles that will come their way in the new year, including any challenges to the country’s territorial integrity.

In a New Year’s message, Mitsotakis, who took over after his conservatives unseated SYRIZA in the July general elections, heralded the emergence of a “new national self-confidence” based on more “open-minded thinking and bold actions.”

Having broken with SYRIZA’s legacy of “stagnation, insecurity and demagoguery,” Mitsotakis said, Greece is finally moving ahead with a mix of political, economic and education reforms.

In a reference to Turkey’s increasing provocations in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, the Greek premier said: “Geopolitical challenges do not intimidate us. The right is on our side. We have strong allies. We have the deterrent capability to fend off any claims to our sovereign rights.”