Gender equality body backs decision to remove anti-abortion posters from metro


Greece’s general secretariat for gender equality said on Tuesday it agreed with a decision by the Infrastructure and Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis to remove anti-abortion posters from metro stations in Athens on Monday.

“Informing the public and public awareness must be based on respect, objectivity and responsibility,” Maria Syrengela said in a statement, adding that women’s legal access to abortion is “unquestionable”.

The two-week campaign, which was paid for by the Afiste Me na Zisw (Let Me Live) activist group, was denounced by ministry officials, who said that the metro is no place for “advertising activity that infringes on the rights of social groups, and especially those of women.” Officials also said the ministry will conduct an investigation.

In a statement the ministry also hit out at the Athens urban rail transport company STASY, which is responsible for the metro’s operation and its commercial policy.