New electoral law introduced to parliament plenum


A new draft bill on electoral law was introduced to the parliament plenary on Thursday that foresees a change in the simple proportional representation legislated by the previous SYRIZA government.

The draft bill provides that the party with most votes in the elections will get a "bonus" of additional seats that increase depending on its share of the vote, provided it has received at least 25 pct of the vote.

A bonus of 20 extra seats will be given to the first party, with the remaining 280 seats divided among the parties in proportion to their share of the vote.

The bonus will increase by one seat for every 0.5 pct of the vote above 25, to reach a maximum of 50 seats from parties that get 40 pct of the vote nationwide.

According to the Parlimanet's schedule, MPs are to vote on the new draft law on Friday.