Former Siemens executive released from jail


Just two months after receiving a 15-year prison sentence for his role in a bribery scandal concerning German giant Siemens, a former senior executive of the company's Greek branch was released from jail citing health reasons.

Prodromos Mavridis, a former telecommunications manager for Siemens Hellas, was convicted for money laundering and was among the three executives who received 15-year terms, along with former CEO Michalis Christoforakos and former commercial director Christos Karavelas.

Mavridis' lawyer submitted a request to a five-member appeals court to suspend his sentence which was accepted.

The court imposed restrictive measures on his movement, including a ban from leaving the country and an obligation to appear at his local police station once a month.

The case relates to an estimated 70 million euros’ worth of bribes paid by the German electronics giant and its local subsidiary to clinch a contract with then state-owned telecoms provider OTE.