Thirteen hospitals on standby for coronavirus


Greek health authorities on Tuesday stepped up preparations for dealing with the possible appearance of a deadly new coronavirus that has killed at least 132 people and infected thousands in China since its outbreak earlier this month.

Following talks with regional health officials, Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias approved the assignment of 13 hospitals deemed to have the infrastructure and equipment to deal with possible cases of the coronavirus.

The assigned hospitals include the Sotiria and Attikon in the capital, with Evangelismos and Thriasio as alternate options.

In Macedonia, Thessaloniki's AHEPA has been tasked with dealing with cases, with Ptolemaida hospital as an alternate option. Others are also on standby in Larissa, Lamia and Ioannina and on Crete.

All the assigned hospitals are fully equipped to protect staff and patients from infection from the coronarivus, according to the Health Ministry.