Cavusoglu slams far-right Greek MEP for tearing up Turkish flag


Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Thursday slammed a far-right Greek lawmaker after a video emerged of him tearing up a printed copy of a Turkish flag during a debate in the European Parliament.

“These racist minds know better than anybody how we crash and kick out to the sea those who dare attack our glorious flag. Europe’s spoiled and racist children should know their place,” he said in a tweet on Thursday, without naming the lawmaker, MEP Yannis Lagos.

Cavusoglu said he expected the European Parliament to take “necessary measures against this clown.”

Lagos is an independent MEP and leader of the National Popular Conscience, a splinter group that emerged after the disintegration of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn.

Speaking in the European Parliament on Wednesday, he blamed Turkey for the increased arrivals of refugees and migrants to the Greek islands.