Greece ranks low in internet speed


Greece ranks 56th in the world in terms of average internet speed, according to WebsiteToolTester data published in the Daily Mail.

The average real download speed of files in Greece is 13.41 Mbps, while Taiwan tops the list with 85.2 Mbps.

Greece is below other Balkan countries such as Romania (in 37th with 21.8 Mbps), Serbia (43rd, 19.2 Mbps) and Bulgaria (49th, 16.95 Mbps), but above Israel (in 72nd with 8.85 Mbps), North Macedonia (78th, 8 Mbps) and Turkey (102nd, 5.3 Mpbs). 

The US ranks 15th with 32.3 Mbps. Of the top 25 countries in terms of internet speed, 18 are in Europe.