Four arrested in new police sweep in Exarchia squat


Four people were arrested on Saturday during a fresh police operation to clear a squat in the downtown district of Exarchia, police sources said.

The four men, three foreign nationals and one Greek, are known to authorities, the same sources said.

Inside the building located at the corner of Zaimi and Tositsa Streets, officers found small quantities of cannabis, cocaine and heroin, six ecstasy pills, two cans of teargas, plastic replicas of a gun and a shotgun, four passports and an identity card, three laptops, nine mobile phones. At the basement of the building,they also found a motorcycle that had been reported stolen.

The suspects, who were led before a prosecutor, are facing charges of disturbing the peace, accepting products of crime, and violations of the drug and weapons laws.

Following the raid, police sealed the building and returned it to its legal owner.