Greece calls out Turkish ‘disinformation’ on migrants


Greece's foreign ministry says Turkey engages in a disinformation campaign concerning the number of migrants who have entrered Greek territory from Turkey.

The response came hours after a tweet by Turkey's Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu tweeted that "As of 09.55 hours [8:55 a.m. Greece time], the number of immigrants leaving our country via Edirne is 76 thousand 358."

In a first announcement, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said that 10,000 migrants had been prevented from entering Greece and that 73 who managed to enter from early Saturday to early Sunday had been arrested. None of them are from the Syrian city of Idlib.

Also, in a tweet, the ministry declared that "no one can cross the Greek borders. All those attempting illegal entry, are effectively prevented from entering. Numbers cited by Turkish authorities are entirely false and misleading."