Turkey has isolated itself from energy developments, State Department official says


Turkey has isolated itself from energy developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, Senior International Energy Officer at the State Department’s Bureau of Energy Resources, Joshua Volz, has said while criticizing the memorandum signed last year between Ankara and Libya’s Tripoli-based government.

Speaking during an event held at the US Congress, Volz described the highly contested maritime border delineation deal as “unhelpful,” adding that Turkey was “not acting in good faith, doing things that are provocative in nature.”

“They aren’t facilitating the development of resources, they are trying to stop the development of resources,” the official said.

However, if Turkey were to change its attitude, Volz said, the country would be welcome to take part in the region’s energy forums.

“We are encouraging Ankara to reassess direction and come to the conversations in a collaborative and cooperative manner. Until such time, I am not sure that there is space for them in the conversation,” he said.