Aristotle University ranks world’s 16th in classical studies


For a second time in three years Aristotle University of Thessaloniki’s Department of Classical Studies was ranked 16th in its field by the influential QS World University Rankings.

Some 4,500 universities were evaluated in the annual publication, including some of the world’s top institutions, such as Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard.

Interestingly, the Aristotle University’s classics department ranked higher than historic universities such as Yale, Bologna and Chicago.

The ranking underscores how classical studies at Aristotle University have consistently made the top 20 worldwide in recent years, successfully continuing the tradition that began in 1926 with the establishment of the Aristotle University of Philosophy. 

“Studying the Greco-Roman civilization is an indispensable tool for understanding past and present societies and states, and is therefore invaluable in planning the future,” said Dean Nikolaos G. Papaioannou.

He added that the international recognition of the Aristotle’s Department of Classical Studies is not coincidental.

“This is because the written works of ancient Greek and Latin, of Greek and Roman culture, are considered one of the foundations of what is called European and western culture, because they contributed to the Renaissance and the creation of a united Europe after World War II,” he said.

Papaioannou added that the Aristotle has ongoing collaborations with some of the world’s leading institutions in the field of classical studies and is also making significant strides in the field of literature, while investing in English-language programs.