Germany could take in underage refugees from Greece if border is secured


Germany is open to welcoming underage refugees from Greece, provided that the current situation at the Greek borders with Turkey – also the EU's external borders – is resolved, according to a Wednesday report on Germany's state TV ARD.

The report also said the issue should not wait until a full 27-EU member state consensus is reached, but should instead be pursued by the countries that are immediately willing to resolve it.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer was expected to raise the issue at Wednesday’s meeting of the EU's Justice and Home Affairs meeting, which was slated to discuss the ongoing situation at the Greek-Turkish border.

Seehofer said in a closed-door meeting of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group on Tuesday night that there are currently about 5,000 underage refugees in Greece, but Germany will act only if order is secured at the border.

Interior Ministry spokesman Steve Alter confirmed Seehofer's statement and said that humanitarian issues can be raised only after "securing co-ordinated conditions on the EU's external borders."