Clashes erupt again at border crossing


Clashes between Greek police and migrants amassed at the Greece-Turkey border crossing of Kastanies erupted Saturday morning. Greek police used tear gas to push back the migrants.

Turkish police also threw tear gas at Greek police, but, for the first time, also targeted the migrants, apparently aiming at pushing them away from this part of the border.

A drone is flying over the Kastanies border crossing, but it is unclear whom it belongs to and what its purpose is.

In an unofficial handout, the Greek government accused Turkey of targeting Greek forces with tear gas. "Attacks with tear gas towards Greek forces at the Kastanies border crossing and around it,” it said.

The handout was accompanied by photographs and a video. The text says that one photo shows “Turkish security personnel openly position(ing) themselves and assum(ing) formation shortly before the start of the incident."

Although Greece has not yet released figures of migrants prevented to cross and arrests, the flow appears to have been reduced.

“This situation must end, because it is difficult both for us and the Turkish locals on the other side. But it is also hard on these kids sitting in the cold and rain and playing a cat-and-mouse game,” said Theodoros Charisiades, resident of Kastanies.