Video shows Turkish vehicle pulling down border fence


A video released by the Greek government Saturday evening apparently shows a Turkish vehicle puling down, with the help of a rope, a section of the fence erected by Greece on its border with Turkey.

The video, shot Friday night, was accompanied by the following statement:

“Video depicting a Turkish armored border surveillance vehicle which tries to pull down part of the border fence with a rope. This incident occurred last night. This is a HIZAR/ATES vehicle, which is equipped with instruments that allow it to monitor the border (day and night). Turkey obtained these vehicles from May to August 2019, with 75 percent of the program financed by European funds. It has a powerful engine and climbing capabilities.”

Migrants amassed at the border constantly try to poke holes in the fence and Greek forces repel them and proceed to instantly repair the damaged section. This is the first time there is evidence of Turkey materially helping the migrants to pull down the fence.