Head of Athens Medical School tests positive for Covid-19


The president of Athens’ Medical School, Professor Petros Sfikakis told state-run news agency ANA-MPA he has been infected with the new coronavirus, but is feeling well.

Sfikakis, who works at Laiko general hospital in the eastern suburb of Goudi, said he developed a low fever on Wednesday and decided to stay at home.

On Thursday, the symptoms continued and the test h did came back positive.

“I was lightly ill. I followed the instructions of the experts as far as tracking the virus is concerned. Today, Friday, I have no symptoms but I’m going to stay at home as long as it takes to ensure I cannot transmit the virus,” he told the agency. “The aim is to protect those around me.”

Greece has confirmed 117 cases and one death, with the government announcing a fresh batch of measures, including the two-week closure of theaters, courthouses, cinemas, gyms, playgrounds and clubs to control its spread.