Stricter rules at supermarkets to be enforced from Monday


As of Monday, supermarkets across Greece are to start restricting the number of customers allowed inside a shop at any given time, in line with new, stricter regulations issued by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus. 

Specifically, supermarkets have been instructed to seek to restrict the number of people in their premises at any one time to one person per 10 square meters of space and to ensure, to the greatest degree possible, that shoppers keep a distance of two meters from each other. 

Moreover, as part of the government's efforts to further encourage people to stay home, supermarkets have been permitted to operate on Sundays, excusively for the home delivery of goods and for deliveries of goods ordered from online stores.

Restocking will be allowed around the clock. 

On Monday morning, Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis inspected an Athens supermarket. On observing that antiseptic products had sold out, he noted that the shelves would be fully stocked again by Thursday, adding that a ceiling of three antiseptic products per customer would be imposed to ensure that demand does not outstrip supply.