Erasmus students should contact embassies, ministry says


The Education Ministry on Tuesday responded to concerns from university authorities regarding dozens of Greek students in the Erasmus exchange program who are trapped in Spain and Italy, the two European countries worst hit by the coronavirus epidemic.

After communicating with the Foreign Ministry, the Education Ministry said that students wishing to return to Greece can contact the country’s embassies and consulates in Spain and Italy to see whether a special arrangement can be made for their return.

According to Education Ministry figures concerning students in other parts of Europe as part of the Erasmus program, there are 111 in Spain and 76 in Italy. There are an additional 109 in Germany and 81 in France, where the coronavirus outbreak has not been as severe.

The University of Macedonia, meanwhile, said on Tuesday that it has 100 students in Erasmus placements, of which 10 are in Italy and another 10 in Spain. The remainder are in France, Germany, Poland, Romania and The Netherlands, it added.