Officer accused of killing wife, friend remanded in custody


A 35-year-old policeman who is accused of shooting dead his estranged wife and her female friend and colleague last week was remanded in custody on Monday, police said.

The officer killed the two women at the car park of a supermarket in the northern district of Kato Kiffisia, where they both worked on Wednesday.

He has been charged with intended manslaughter and unlawful use of his service gun.

During his testimony before a prosecutor on Monday, he cited psychological problems and requested a psychiatric evaluation, according to his lawyers.

He also told the investigating prosecutor that he regretted his act and apologized for it.

The officer reportedly reiterated that his wife prevented him from communicating sufficiently with their children, aged five and eight.

He shed no light on why he also killed his wife’s colleague, except that the fatal incident occurred after he “lost his temper” while visiting the supermarket to discuss visitation rights with his children.