Uni-pharma to produce, offer free chloroquine to state for Covid-19 treatment


Greek pharmaceutical company Uni-pharma SA on Friday announced that it has launched production of the medicine Unikinon, which has recently been cited as a possible drug for the treatment of Covid-19, after receiving a shipment of five tons of chloroquine from India the previous Saturday.

Uni-pharma said in its press release that it will provide 24 million free doses of Unikinon to the Greek state and the treatment regime will be decided based on the suggestions of the scientific community.

"Uni-pharma SA received the licence to produce chloroquine for the first time in Greece in 1984. With a high sense of historic responsibility and social contribution, Uni-pharma SA states that is always close to Greek patients and their needs by supporting public health, as it has done in the last 57 years," it said in its statement.