Kikilias: Efficiency of lockdown will be apparent mid-April


By mid-April, we should be in a position to know whether the strict lockdown measures the Greek government has taken to check the spread of coronavirus – from closing down schools to limiting out-of-house trips altogether – have worked, Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias says.

“I know this demands patience and discipline, but I believe no one wants to put his health, or his family's, at risk,” Kikilias told TV station Skai Sunday morning.

As for the disease itself, it says it is expanding, but at a pace that allows hospitals and the public health system to cope. He warned that April is “a very crucial month” and that there should be no relaxation of measures because it is very easy to envisage “catastrophic scenarios” if people stop staying at home. “No one should let their guard down,” Kikilias said, adding that this is the new patriotism.

The Health Minister said that over 4,200 hires of doctors and other medical staff in the public health system had been approved and that most had actually taken up their posts. As for the capacity of the system to treat cases, he said public and private hospitals now have 870 intensive care places “and we continue adding more” and that an order for 600 more ventilators had been placed.