Greece bans more flights in bid to stem epidemic


Greece is banning incoming flights from the Netherlands, as well as flights from Germany to any airport except that of Athens, spokesman Stelios Petsas told a press briefing on Monday, outlining additional measures being taken by the government to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

The country has already stopped flights from Italy, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom, as infections in those countries continue to rise.

Commenting on local media reports about repatriations, Petsas clarified that Greeks living abroad will not be flown back home unless they are “in need of immediate medial assistance, have no place to stay or are trapped in transit flights.”

The spokesman also sought to stress the continued need for self-isolation, telling Greeks that they will not be able to go to their villages for Easter on April 19.

“As we get closer to Easter, we understand that its will be different this year… This year we won’t have Easter at the village, we won’t roast lamb in our courtyards, we won’t visit our churches… We have many days and years ahead to celebrate, but no day will be same if we lose a person we love because we were being foolhardy,” Petsas warned.