Former German ambassador to Greece Schoof pays tribute to the ‘great’ Manolis Glezos


The former German ambassador to Greece Peter Schoof expressed his condolences in a tweet over the death this week of Greek World War II resistance hero Manolis Glezos.

“To my friends in Greece: learning about demise of the great Manolis Glezos, I bow in respect and gratitude. Κυριε Μανολη, I know how frustrated you were with us, and yet you were so human, also with me very personally,” he wrote.

In 2017, Schoof was confronted over his country's Nazi past as he was about to lay a wreath at a World War II memorial to victims of an SS unit in the village Distomo by Greek politician Zoe Konstantopoulou, who once served as the Syriza party's speaker in parliament in 2015.

Glezos ended the confrontation by taking Schoof by the hand and leading him to the monument, where he laid the wreath.