KAS approves ministry plan for maximum building height around Acropolis Hill


The board of Greece’s Central Archaeological Council (KAS), the country’s top advisory body on the protection of antiquities, approved unanimously on Tuesday a proposal by the Environment Ministry to set the maximum height for buildings in the vicinity of the Acropolis Hill at 21 meters, Kathimerini understands.

The recommendation seeks to ensure that views of the Acropolis are not obstructed, following a ruling by the Council of State which set the maximum height of buildings at 21 meters.

Current legislation stipulates that the buildings can reach up to 32 meters and in some cases even higher.

The proposal will allow for an additional one meter for the planting of trees on the roof and the construction of auxiliary spaces, such as the exit of the stairwell, which however cannot exceed an area of 35 sq.m.

The plan also allows for buildings up to 24 meters for a section of main Syngrou Avenue.

These proposals will be included in a draft Presidential Decree revising the building rules in the area. The ministry has pledged to submit the relevant draft to the Council of State imminently for a preliminary review.