Turkish ambassador dismisses Evros border dispute as ‘technical’


An ongoing dispute between Greece and Turkey regarding a small pocket of land on the northeastern Evros River border between the two countries is “technical” in nature and should not be turned into an “issue,” the Turkish ambassador in Athens, Burak Ozugergin, has reportedly said.

The status of this pocket is not a “border dispute, but a technical matter that is perfectly normal between neighbors across land borders,” Ozugergin reportedly told Skai television on Monday.

“It is a non-issue, so let's not turn it into one,” the Turkish ambassador added after saying that the two sides are in “close contact” over the matter.

Athens on Friday issued a demarche with Ankara over its presentation of a section of Greek territory in the southern Evros border region known as Melissokomeio as Turkish, when maps from 1923, according to which the borders were drawn, show it as belonging to Greece.