Mount Athos reopens to visitors in limited numbers


The all-male monastic community of Mount Athos in northern Greece reopened its doors to pilgrims on Monday, on the condition that they are in possession of the special permits required.

Entry is also allowed to all employees of the monasteries of the Athonite State. Visitors numbers, however, will be limited to 15 people per monastery.

The ticket office of Ouranoupoli where tickets are purchased for the ferry ride to the monastic community opened Monday, while the daily service of the high-speed Panagia vessel from Ierissos to the Holy Monastery of Megisti Lavra also began.

In addition, the high-speed Odigitria boat leaves Ouranoupoli every morning and returns from Dafni. The sea taxi Portaitissa also runs routes daily from Ouranoupoli. Cruises to Mount Athos begin on June 15.