Minister rejects reports on organized plan to move migrants in Evros


There is no evidence of an organized plan by Turkey to send migrants to the border with Greece, as was the case last March, Alternate Migration Minister Giorgos Koumoutsakos told Greek broadcaster SKAI on Thursday morning.

“There is no confirmation of an organized plan,” he said, adding there is "spontaneous mobility" near the area which is not unusual and has happened in the past.

Koumoutsakos said that, in any case, border police is ready to handle any unlawful activity.

Some Greek media reported on Thursday that "thousands" had gathered newr the Evros border. 

Thousands of migrants and refugees tried to get into Greece mainly through the Evros last March, after Turkey declared its previously guarded borders with Europe were open.

This led to repeated clashes between migrants and Greek border guards over several days.