Top court annuls ministerial decision blocking OLP from building new shipyard


Greece's highest administrative court, the Council of State (CoE) opened the way for the Piraeus Port Authority (OLP) to build a shipyard in the shipbuilding and repair zone at Perama, west of Greece's main port, by annulling an earlier ministerial decision blocking it, it was announced on Wednesday.

OLP had appealed to CoE for the annulment of a 2018 decision by the then leadership of the Ministry of Economy & Development (now Ministry of Development & Investments) rejecting the original request.

The area for the shipyard had been turned over to OLP by the state in February 2002, a decision ratified by law in 2008.

The Council accepted OLP's injunction, annulled the ministerial decision and referred the case back to the Finance ministry, which will review OLP's application again.