Tourist sought to take human bones home

An Italian tourist’s macabre taste in holiday souvenirs caused a sensation at the security-conscious Athens Airport yesterday, leading to her temporary detention. The woman, a physiotherapist who was traveling with her husband to Milan after a 17-day holiday in Greece, was taken to the airport police station after a search of her luggage revealed a number of human bones, according to an Athens News Agency report. The tourist, whose name was not made public, told police she had found the remains on a beach on the islet of Arki, some 8 miles (13km) east of Patmos in the eastern Aegean, and had wanted to study them at home in Italy, the ANA said. A forensic specialist who inspected the bones confirmed that they belonged to a human being of indeterminate sex who had died 20 to 30 years before. The couple was released after testifying, and flew home.