Gov’t makes public list of media firms paid to promote Covid-19 health measures


The government on Monday made good on its pledge to publish a detailed account on the expenditures of its “We Stay Home” coronavirus lockdown campaign with a list of all the media involved. 

Announcing the publication of the list during a scheduled briefing of the media, government spokesman Stelios Petsas noted that the media campaign was part of the government's swift response to the pandemic that managed "to curb its spread, bolster the health service and save lives."

"The urgent and emergency conditions made it necessary to use all possible means to inform citizens," Petsas said, adding that the urgency of the situation prompted the authorities to assign the tender to the project to a contractor with the necessary specialist knowledge and staff to carry out the project efficiently. 

The publication of the list came in response to growing calls from the opposition for a detailed disclosure of how some 20 million euros was allocated to media outlets promoting the government’s public health message.