Fines being mulled as land registry completion lags


The completion of the project to record all of the country’s properties in a national cadastre is moving at two speeds, according to data from the Hellenic Land Registry.

As a result, the Environment Ministry is mulling the imposition of fines against negligent property owners. 

More specifically, so far only 33% of the country has been been covered.

The problem is especially acute in the regional unit of Western Attica and on the Greek islands, apart from the Dodecanese chain, where all properties have been registered.

“I don’t think there are two speeds. It’s just that some areas are still lagging behind in terms of participation.

“The truth is that with the coronavirus the data changed a lot,” the managing director of the Hellenic Land Registry, Stefanos Kotsolis, explained to Kathimerini.

The authorities’ goal for the completion of the project is still 2022.