Region of Attica sets up permanent Covid-19 testing centre in Piraeus


Teams of doctors and health professionals from the Region of Attica will set up a permanent centre at the port of Piraeus to run tests on returning holidaymakers, in an effort to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country.

The health centre, which will start work on Tuesday, will be set up in Piraeus’ Gate E1 and will conduct random molecular tests to travellers with suspicious symptoms such as fever or cough, with an emphasis on those returning from high risk destinations.

"Our teams will carry out as many tests as necessary in order to form a satisfactory picture and adapt our actions accordingly in the future,” said Gorges Patoulis, Attica’s regional governor.

On Sunday, teams from the Region of Attica carried out more than 300 PCR tests on returning vacationers in the ports of Pirseus and Rafina, which all came back negative.