Police chief faces stolen car charge

The police chief of Kymi, on the island of Evia, was charged in Halkida yesterday after the car he was driving was found to have been stolen in Nea Smyrni, Athens, in 1995. Giorgos Koutsianas had driven to Halkida on Thursday for a meeting of prefectural police chiefs. Finding nowhere to leave his BMW 520, he parked it behind two police cars and went off to the meeting. Police officers who later found their vehicles blocked decided to look up the BMW’s details in the police files. They discovered that the license number belonged to a Citroen withdrawn from circulation in 1993. According to its chassis number, the BMW itself had been stolen. According to the daily Ethnos, the Citroen had belonged to a relative of Koutsianas. Koutsianas, who was arrested as he left the meeting, claimed the car belonged to his father and was being used by his brother.