Government ‘cannot fathom’ Turkish provocations during president’s visit to Kastellorizo


Government spokesman Stelios Petsas said Tuesday evening he said 'could not fathom' any provocative behavior by Ankara during President Katerina Saklllaropoulou’s visit to the island of Kastellorizo in the eastern Aegean on September 13.

“It is an important date. We cannot fathom that there might be any provocation towards the President because this will be another level of escalation,” Petsas told Alpha channel’s evening newscast.

“What matters is that Turkey's rhetoric and actions are gradually pushed aside. And Turkey has several fora that it can choose to de-escalate [tensions]. One of them is NATO, the European Council or [European Council President] Charles Michel’s conference initiative,” he added.

Sakellaropoulou will be visiting Kastellorizo to mark the 77th anniversary of the island’s liberation.