Coronavirus was made in lab, say almost half of respondents in survey


A recent study has shown that there is a deep-rooted belief in Greek society that the coronavirus is human-made.

More specifically, according to research conducted by the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Disease Outbreak (CLEO) via telephone and internet on people aged between 18 to 90, 45.6% of respondents said they believe the virus was developed in a laboratory.

The authors of the research pointed out that this belief is linked to the sociodemographic profile of the participants – the older they were, the stronger the belief in the theory.

Likewise, the lower the education level, the more likely the belief the virus was created in a lab.

Most of the respondents were fully informed about the ways the coronavirus is transmitted, with the exception of 11.2% who said it is contracted from “animals and mosquitoes.”