Fire service on standby after warning issued

Fire service on standby after warning issued

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection on Monday warned of a very high risk of wildfires on Tuesday in Attica, Evia, Skyros, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Central Macedonia, Mount Athos and the islands of the northern Aegean.

The agency said it has briefed regional and local authorities to be on standby for fires in those areas.

The fire service in those areas will be on increased alert, conducting patrols by air and sea while the police and armed forces will be on standby to help if necessary, the secretariat said.

Meanwhile motorists will be banned from access to national parks, forestland and other areas deemed to be vulnerable to fires.

On Monday, strong winds and dry conditions fanned two large blazes – one in Western Achaia in the Peloponnese and another in forestland in the area of Koutala near Corinth.

Seventy-seven firefighters were sent to the blaze near Corinth, with six water-dropping aircraft assisting, while another 36 firefighters and two aircraft were sent to Stathmos, in Western Achaia.