US Embassy in Turkey says Seville Map has no ‘legal significance’


The US Embassy in Turkey issued a response on Monday night to comments in the Turkish media regarding the so-called Seville Map, a map of the Greek and Cypriot exclusive economic zones as outlined in a study carried out by the University of Seville in 2000.

“The United States as a matter of global policy does not take positions on other states’ maritime boundary disputes. With respect to the ‘legal status’ of the Seville map, the United States does not consider the Seville Map to have any legal significance. We understand the European Union does not consider the Seville Map to be a legally binding document,” the embassy said in a post on Twitter late on Monday.

“Maritime boundaries are for the states concerned to resolve by agreement on the basis of international law. The United States strongly supports good faith dialogue and negotiation and encourages Greece and Turkey to resume exploratory talks as soon as possible,” it added.