Bombing proclamation found on hard drive from terror suspect’s apartment


Forensic experts investigating electronic and other evidence seized last week from the central Athens apartment of a 42-year-old terror suspect have allegedly found a file containing a proclamation by the Popular Fighters Group (OLA) urban guerrilla group, claiming responsibility for the 2015 bombing of the downtown headquarters of the Federation of Greek Industries (SEV).

According to an announcement by the Hellenic Police (ELAS) on Wednesday, forensic investigators found the document in PDF form on a hard drive seized from the Koukaki home of the 42-year-old suspect. The document was reportedly created on January 5, 2016, just a few hours before the proclamation claiming the November 25, 2015, bombing was posted on the anarchist website Indymedia.

The 42-year-old is among three suspects arrested last week as part of a seven-month long investigation into OLA, which is also believed to have been behind several terrorist attacks, including the bombing of Skai television and Kathimerini newspaper’s headquarters in December 2018.