750 migrants infected in Greece since start of pandemic, says ministry


Seven-hundred and fifty migrants have tested positive to the novel coronavirus and one person has died among the nearly 75,000 asylum seekers in Greece since the start of the pandmic in the country, the Migration Ministry announced on Thursday.

The ministry said the National Public Health Organization's (EODY) staff have long been active in migrant camps, offering medical and psychological treatment alongside doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and cultural mediators.

A mobile laboratory of the German medical institute Bernhard Nocht has also been installed at the newly set up Kara Tepe refugee camp at Lesvos with the financial support of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Europe.

According to WHO's policy, emergency medical teams rotate every two months. The current medical mission was preceded by a Norwegian team of 24 health professionals, while the current German mission will be followed by a Belgian team. 

The emergency medical team has so far examined 3,419 patients, added the ministry.